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Ishi wo taten koto (石をたてん事)
The first written guide on Japanese landscaping, the Sakuteiki, describes creating gardens as: Ishi wo taten koto (石を立てん事). This translates to setting stones upright, a description that greatly emphasizes the importance of these elements within the Japanese garden.

Traditionally applying ornamental rocks, Niwaishi (庭石) in Japanese, forms the basis of practically every Japanese garden. The setting of stones is always the first step, after which the garden is formed together with all the other elements surrounding it.

An authentic Japanese garden needs to evoke a certain natural essence. Rocks and stones play a significant role regarding this principle as they are pure elements, taken straight from nature.

The Most Authentic Japanese Rocks and Stones For Sale
Our Japanese garden center is unique outside of Japan and we would be happy to invite you for a visit! We have a wide range of original Japanese ornaments, rocks, decorations, plants and trees in our collection. Yokoso Japanese Gardens is the perfect place to find the ideal authentic Japanese rocks and stones for your Japanese garden. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to make an appointment.

The Yokoso Service
Please be advised that Yokoso Japanese Gardens can also assist in the search for, purchase or lease of authentic Japanese rocks & stones and ornaments for you. Products that you won't be able to find on our website can, most likely, be ordered. Please use our contact form. Provide a clear description of the desired product and a reference to a picture on the internet and we will try to find the product for you.


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