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Yokoso Maintenance contract
Yokoso is also your partner for guidance, maintenance and advice after delivery. In many cases a so-called maintenance contract is concluded so that the customer has no worries and the Japanese garden is always in optimal condition. Yokoso offers its customers affordable maintenance for both private or business gardens in the form of a maintenance contract. Together with the customer we agree about the activities and their frequency. Choose maintenance only in the spring and autumn or opt for multiple maintenance visits spread over the year.

Maintenance of the Japanese garden requires a different approach than the 'ordinary' garden. For example, the form trees require special treatment. The pines must be 'picked' every year, removing the dead needles. And regularly, the shape will have to be worked to prevent the trees from becoming wild. Especially working on Japanese shaped trees requires 'knowledge'. The regular gardener usually has no experience with this.

Why a maintenance contract
A maintenance contract provides a solid basis for the business to record the agreements properly. Yokoso knows exactly when which work should be carried out and you know exactly what you can expect from us. You know exactly what the financial picture looks like, in line with the budget so that you will not be faced with surprises. Customization and personal contact are paramount. Some advantages at a glance: Always a well-kept company garden for your visitors. - Always the right maintenance at the right time. - A professional with knowledge of your private or business garden at work. - & Eacute; a contact person, your trusted gardener. - Affordable through fast approach and subscription.

Which maintenance contract should I choose
Depending on your wishes, there are various options for implementing the maintenance contract. After an introductory meeting and the inventory of the object and your wishes, we will create a tailor-made maintenance plan for you with the details of the contract and the frequency of the works. In short you can choose between a limited and an extensive maintenance contract and all forms in between.

You may want to carry out a number of activities yourself, but you can partially outsource the garden maintenance to us. Think of the shape cutting of Japanese trees, shrubs and bulbs. When it is clear how large the size of the garden maintenance is and what the hours are to be spent on this, you know exactly what you spend every year on the care of the garden.

Yokoso offers various forms of maintenance in contract form. In this way, your company garden stays neat and tidy all year round. The work depends on the type of garden and can therefore vary. Of course, Yokoso provides the right people and machines. We also carry out all the waste for you. You can think of periodically executing:

- Weed control
- Pest control
- Fertilization, soil improvement
- Harvesting and felling of trees
- Shape-pruning of trees
- Shape-pruning shrubs
- Shape-cutting shrubs
- Keeping the pond clean
- Maintenance of water plants
- Maintenance of filter systems
- Maintenance irrigation systems

There is a lot to tell about maintaining the garden and each object requires a specific approach. Would you like to know more about the possibilities and the advantages of a maintenance contract? Yokoso likes to look at your company garden and your wishes with you. Make an appointment today with one of our experts.


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