Maintaining a Japanese Garden

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The domain of the Daimyō in perfect condition
After your Japanese dream garden is fully realized, it would be an honor for us to maintain the garden for you as well. A Japanese garden is always growing and will mature over the years. Maintenance performed by landscapers with experience and specialized knowledge of the Japanese garden is an essential part of the garden maturing in the most optimal way.

Maintaining a Japanese garden requires a different approach in comparison to a regular garden. The shaped trees need special treatment for example. Japanese pine trees have to be plucked on a yearly basis which removes the dead needles. Additionally, the pruned shapes of the trees need to be maintained so they do not become too wild and out of shape. Regular landscapers usually have insufficient experience with this. Yokoso Japanese Gardens would gladly be of service.

In ancient Japan, the Daimyō lived in the biggest castles surrounded by mesmerizing gardens that were perfectly maintained by their own professional landscapers. We would like to translate this to our modern world as the Japanese gardens we create today need the exact same level of care. The condition of the garden has to be perfect for our client, our Daimyō.

Professional garden advice
You are more than welcome for professional garden advice at Yokoso Japanese Gardens. We are in close contact with multiple Japanese partner businesses and advisors. With this special and large network, we can provide you with the best possible advice when it comes to your own personal Japanese garden.

The Yokoso Maintenance Contract
We at Yokoso Japanese Gardens perform garden maintenance through a so-called maintenance contract. For more information, please see ‘Maintenance contract’.

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After your Japanese dream garden is fully realized, it would be an honor for us to maintain the garden for you as well. A Japanese garden is always growing...

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