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Japanese Arts and Crafts, a Rich History
Japan has one of the most intriguing historical backgrounds of any country in the world. Take the Edo period for example. During the era of the Samurai, the country was closed to the outside world with nobody being allowed to enter or leave. Before this time Japanese culture was greatly influenced by other Asian countries, most notably China. But during the Edo period and especially during the following Meiji period, Japan really took shape as one of the most unique societies in the world.

The uniqueness of Japan includes a rich variety of arts and crafts that have unmatched aesthetic value. Bonsai, Ikebana, Origami, Shodō, Ukiyo-e and the list goes on. Japanese craftsmen and artists are known all over the world for their wonderful legacy of professionalism and authenticity. Gorgeous lacquer paintwork, elaborate carvings and unsurpassed metalwork are just a few areas where the Japanese excel at.

Yokoso Japanese Gardens has an extensive collection of antiques and collectibles, dating back as far as the Edo period, imported straight from Japan. The authentic pieces were acquired through a unique network of Japanese suppliers and advisors and are meant for use in and around the living space, going beyond the Japanese garden. Think of bronze statues, metal lanterns, vases, Hibachi and wooden crafts.

The Yokoso Service
It is not an easy task to go find these wonderful treasures by oneself. Yokoso Japanese Gardens would be happy to assist and advise you. With our Japanese partners we have been able to help many people find the exact antique piece they are looking for. Are you looking for something specific? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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